Staying Strong in Challenging Times

Staying Strong in Challenging Times

To say that these times are unusual is a small statement! One thing is for sure that the world changed over night and no matter how strong and humble you are it has affected you in some way. Many people have lost loved ones to Covid-19 around the world. Many more have been affected by this pandemic.

One thing that has come out of this is that now is the time to support each other more than ever and take your personal, mental, and physical health more seriously. For those that use the gym as their therapy session they found themselves not able to visit their favorite squat rack or deadlift platform. This meant that many of us found ourselves a bit adrift, I know I sure did.

So I did what I could do at home, I built a wooden squat rack with a chin up bar, only to find out that my usual supplier of workout equipment had no bars or plates that I could get. So i went and improvised with a 6x6 Pressure treated post as a squat bar, complete with hooks from the back of the car and pails full of gravel as weights.

I ended up resting way more than I had in a very long time! Apparently my body needed it, the little injuries that I had been putting up with for quite a while started to heal and didn't bother me as much.

This article helped me immensely get through quarantine until I could get back to a gym again. I figured I would share it with everyone as different areas are at different stages of reopening but something that I took away from this strange and uncertain time was to also slow down a bit and find different ways to get some exercise in or let myself take a day off from the gym. We shall see how that goes now that I am back lifting again.

Give the article from Kurt Bradley a read, you can find it here:


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